Campaign on flight compensation

Skycop: the project in a nutshell

  • In a short period of time we drew the attention of journalists and recipients to the problem ofthe cancellation and delay of flights and the issue of air compensation.
  • We boldly and decisively used the idea of real time marketing and real time PR, which allowed us to quickly build recognition of the Skycop brand.
  • In the high-profile media, we positioned Skycop as an expert in the field of air compensation. 

The challenge

A company focusing in air passenger compensation could only dream of such a situation.

For several years now, more and more Poles have been flying by airplanes. In 2017 alone, airports in Poland served almost 40 million passengers. This is 18% more than in the previous year. It is as if the whole country suddenly bought a ticket and flew far apart. Not always on time, not always on the same day, not always on the same plane, but often with the right to compensation. And not a small one, because it amounts to as much as EUR 600! 

Unfortunately, it is said that the Pole is wise after the damage. However, not always. A Pole, to be precise 95% of Poles, had no misunderstanding as to what maximum amount of compensation they should be entitled to in the event of flight disruption. As it turned out, as much as 56% of the same Poles did not know that they were entitled to compensation at all in such a situation. 



At the beginning of 2018, Skycop, a company dealing on behalf of the client with the enforcement of compensation from airlines, collided with a wall of ignorance, shyness and misunderstanding of the rules. Therefore, she decided to make a change and convince Poles that in the event of delay or cancellation of a flight, compensation may be due and can be obtained from the airline. 

The Action

Passengers are always more active when emotions increase. If they are to tune in with anyone who represents them, that person should show similar emotions. We have presented this principle to our client. Skycop was ready to show the energy. He was ready to tune in to the passengers and let himself be known as a guardian fighting for their rights, according to his slogan "Your flight. Our fight”.

The first analysis of the media showed how calmly the tone is adopted by the most important competitors. Delicately. Safely. Here we found an opportunity that could give Skycop an advantage. 

What did we do? We started with strikes of airline staff. Respecting the rights and efforts of the airline's employees, we showed that strike actions should not be regarded as an extraordinary circumstance that allows us to avoid compensation payments. Because of what reason? 
Skycop has decided to appeal to the European Commission to look at the regulations in force. So we publicised a petition that could be signed by every passenger. We have also prepared indirect communication to airline managers. We placed a billboard with a Skycop message in front of the national carrier's headquarters. Through the media we showed this gesture to the passengers. We proved that Skycop has the power and the determination to fight on behalf of the wronged. We have adjusted to the expectations of the company's previous and potential customers. 

Skycop quickly became the number one commentator in the media on the following topics with delays or cancellations. No situation has been brought to our attention. A delayed flight to Toronto, when at the same time another machine was the scenery of an airline event - we were ready for interviews. EU Court of Justice ruling that passengers should be entitled to compensation for spontaneous strikes with carriers - press release sent out immediately. 

However, the most interesting situation underpinning our media activities came when the Polish men's volleyball team was returning in full glory from the World Cup victories. Their plane, after a small incident on the apron, took off on a return flight to the country with a long delay. Even before the machine landed at the Warsaw airport, the media received information about the amount of compensation due to the entire Polish golden team. 

The effects 

Thanks to our activities, after just 4 months Skycop had more exposure in the media than a  competitors and has become the main commentator in terms of number, quality and coverage of publications. Journalists spontaneously named Skycop as one of the two market leaders in the area of compensation for cancelled and delayed flights. Between 19.04 and 20.08.18, 439 articles on Skycop were published (IMM - AVE data: over 1.2 million, range: 4.7 million). 

Activities for Skycop are still ongoing. Skycop is fighting even harder for those who fly and love to fly. 

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