Introduction of a new brand of boutique hotel chain

Introducing the Selina brand to Poland, building its awareness among selected stakeholder groups through national, local, business and industry media. 

Selina was created in 2015 for modern travellers - people who want to explore the world without restrictions and be able to work flexibly from any place. Combining the style and comfort of a boutique hotel with elements characteristic of the hostel's social life, Selina provides its guests with unique experiences that they will not find anywhere else. It consists of an interesting design and a wide range of accommodation, coworking and recreation to discover different corners of the world and to integrate with the local population and other travellers, rest, fun, and remote working. 

Selina provides its guests with unique experiences


Our task was to support the communication of the Selina brand during its entry into the Polish market, including acquiring real estate properties for new hotels in five local markets and creating a Polish team of Selina experts.  


The task was accomplished by generating a large number of high quality publications on the brand in Polish media with different profiles, reaching key stakeholders, as well as by ensuring the presence of Selina's representatives at key industry events.

In order to present Selina's unique concept in Poland, we have adopted a strategy of creating a variety of stories - different stories for selected media. 

To build Selina brand awareness and philosophy, we used a wide range of different contexts, including knowledge of how Millennials and Nexters work, travel and relax. We used, among other things, information about the brand's involvement in the life of local communities and its cooperation with artists.  

In order to build and strengthen the credibility of the company and to show its expertise, we used the positioning of selected Selina representatives in the Polish media and at industry conferences. We also created numerous individual materials in response to the needs of specific media, their requests and inquiries. 



For only 2 months, from the end of May to the last day of July, we provided almost 200 publications on the Selina brand in all media groups, which we had previously set as our goal. We have placed press releases in the most important business and industry media. 

Noteworthy are 7 interviews with the company's representatives in the media key to Selina's business development: Puls Biznesu, Świat Hoteli, Eurobuild CEE,, The total range of publications was almost 12 million. 

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