Taste of Nature

International conference on broccoli consumption, organized for Japanese Sakata company. 




While Poland is Europe’s 5th biggest broccoli exporter, the average Pole eats only 300 g of broccoli a year, i.e. 15 times less than the average Briton. One of the reasons behind this is that up until now there was no strong leader on the Polish market to unify the producers, distributors and food processing companies with the goal to increase broccoli consumption. 

A solution came from Sakata, world leader in breeding and producing vegetable seed and cuttings. The company decided to shift the location of the Broccoli Consumption Conference from Spain to Poland. 

The major challenge of the project was to publicize and organize the event. The next big step was to launch an extensive educational campaign and promote broccoli’s health benefits among Polish consumers. All these initiatives aimed at supporting the sales goals of Sakata and encouraging new business contacts. 

Public relations strategy was implemented through activities in three main domains: business, science and lifestyle. 

Business context revolved around Russia’s ban on Polish fruit and vegetables. 

Lifestyle aspect of broccoli promotion focused on its health benefits, and involved:
- expertise of top dietitian, used both during conference and in supporting press releases
- cooperation with acclaimed chef, whose broccoli recipes were published both in media and on the conference website. 

Additionally, a live cooking show was organized during the event. 

The importance of the conference was highlighted by careful selection of conference patrons, chosen from acclaimed and well-known institutions. The event received further support from Polish and foreign scientists representing various disciplines: biochemistry, agriculture, economy and FMCG marketing. 


Execution and creation

During the 1st stage of the project, which focused on pre-event activities, we acquired:
- the patronage of 7 institutions, including the Embassy of Japan in Poland and agricultural organizations
- the support of experts from the USA (Dr Elizabeth Jeffery), Great Britain (Dr David Hughes), Russia (Professor Jurij Pavlenko) and Poland (Professor Henryk Mruk, Dr Małgorzata Desmond, Dr Paweł Szymczak)

We produced and published the following materials:
- conference materials, presented with regard to the current economic situation and including experts’ opinions (e.g. an acclaimed agricultural sector analyst), to emphasize the importance of the event;
- educational content to promote health benefits of broccoli and increase the consumption of the vegetable. 

Additionally, we designed and updated the conference website that included information both on the event itself and on broccoli in general. We coordinated the participants’ registration process, as well as booked accommodation and arranged transport for guests from all over the world.

The second stage of the project focused on the event itself. We were responsible for the contact with journalists and coordinating interviews with experts. At the suggestion of the agency, all media representatives attending the conference received a gift - seeds from Sakata and a pot to grow the plants. 

Our team was tasked with:

  • event planning and staging, including catering, event decor, multimedia and arranging for simultaneous interpreting services,
  • coordination of live cooking show by top Polish chef; every guest had a chance to taste the broccoli dish, meaning that 300 meals had to be distributed at the same time,
  • increasing the consumption of broccoli in Poland; as part of the promotional activities a unique edible decoration was build - Europe’s largest broccoli wall composed out of 600 vegetables; a similar media wall made of 200 vegetables was also one of the conference highlights,
  • organizing a field trip for the guests to see experimental crops and learn about different broccoli variations and the production methods.

The third stage of the project centered around event promotion in media, publishing of press releases and producing educational materials targeted at lifestyle media (e.g. "Are you pregnant? Eat broccoli!"). 



Thanks to the promotion of the initiative in media, the conference attracted considerable interest, with some 300 guests from Poland and abroad attending the event. The event received support from 7 institutions, including: Embassy of Japan, Agricultural Market Agency, National Food and Nutrition Institute, Polish Chamber of Commerce PIH, Research Institute of Horticulture. The conference was supported by 8 media partners, such as Warzywa, Food Forum and Handel w Polsce


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