Saint-Gobain Glass

VIP event

Business meeting for key customers of Saint Gobain Glass, combined with a tour to the factory 

Our event team can literally warm up the stage and warm up the guests. This was the case during the event in the Saint-Gobain Glass factory in Dąbrowa Górnicza. It was supposed to be a regular business conference, but we decided to break the scheme and surprise the client. We started unusually - a special pyrotechnic screen ignited the atmosphere from the very beginning, evoking real emotions and a hot blush on the faces of the participants of the meeting. The heat wave went through the whole room, reaching even the last rows. You had to feel it! 

The agency was responsible for preparing the leading concept, special logo of the conference, development and implementation of the graphic design. Our role was also to write a script for the entire event, design the project of invitation and to prepare video documentation. 

We also took care of the necessary logistics and technical setting of the event - which usually requires appropriate safety measures during pyrotechnic demonstrations - as well as visual and artistic setting. Due to the unusual location of the event, which was a glassworks, our team and subcontractors had to undergo appropriate training in safety and health at work and during the implementation of the factory itself, they worked all the time in industrial shoes, vests and protective helmets.  As you can guess, it was a huge challenge for us to prepare an event in the factory, where there are a lot of restrictions, mainly related to safety, in the place where the work lasts 24 hours a day. 

After the official part, the guests had the opportunity to admire a performance performed by Delfina & Bartek, dynamic duo of finalists of the 5th edition of the program "Mam talent", known, among others, from TVN TV channel. Their acrobatic performance is more than just a show, but a spectacle that contradicts the laws of physics. 

The conference ended with a solemn tour to a part of the factory - the guests visited the modernized float glass production line at the Saint-Gobain Glass glassworks in Dąbrowa Górnicza. The value of this investment exceeded 90 million euro. 

It is worth mentioning that the inauguration was attended by the Consul General of France, Frédéric de Touchet and the Honorary Consul, Anna Krasuska-Terrillon. A total of 280 people participated in the event. We can say that thanks to our fiery realization, the guests indeed had something to see! 

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