The Polish Paralympic Committee represents athletes with disabilities nationally and internationally, promoting the values of Paralympic sports such as courage, determination, inspiration, and equality. The Committee's Athlete of the Year Awards #Guttmanny has been recognizing the best and most popular Paralympic athletes for five years. For the organization of this year's special edition, marking the Committee's 25th anniversary, the organizers invited OneMulti Agency in two areas: event management and PR. Working within the framework of such a noble social project, we produced and directed a live television broadcast on Polsat Sport and pro bono promoted the Athlete of the Year Awards and the Gala Finale of the 5th Athlete of the Year Awards by the Polish Paralympic Committee #Guttmanny2023.



Sustainable Events:   

  • Comprehensive organization of the Gala Finale for the 5th edition of the Polish Paralympic Committee's Athlete of the Year Awards #Guttmanny2023. 
  • Ensure the event aligns with the needs of athletes and people with disabilities. 
  • Develop event scenarios and direct both offline and live broadcasts on Polsat Sport. 
  • Create the Gala's visual identity, produce video content promoting the event, create animations, and graphics. 
  • Coordinate the work of all teams, artists, and presenters working during the preparation of the Gala. 

Impact Communications (Pro Bono):   

  • Promote the Paralympic Athlete Awards and the awards ceremony, giving the event the highest possible prestige. 
  • Gather the maximum number of votes in the Paralympic Athlete of the Year plebiscite. 
  • Publicize the results of the 5th Plebiscite by the Polish Paralympic Committee for Athlete of the Year #Guttmanny2023. 
  • Publicize the 25th-anniversary Gala of the Polish Paralympic Committee. 
  • Promote and propagate the idea of Paralympism among as many residents of Poland as possible. 

The organization of the event was very complex, running simultaneously on many levels and under significant time pressure. Fourteen calendar days before the event, we learned that it would be broadcast "live" on Polsat Sport. In these circumstances, the experience and professionalism of the OneMulti team proved invaluable. The challenge was to adapt the organization of the Gala to the needs of people with disabilities – our event team had to anticipate all potential challenges and eliminate them well in advance. Areas such as enabling access to the stage for people in wheelchairs, preparing space for a sign language interpreter, and maintaining appropriate distances between tables required special attention.   


  • The scale of the event, organized by the Polish Paralympic Committee on such a large scale for the first time. 
  • Coordinating the work of multiple teams, including those responsible for scenography, lighting and sound, TV broadcasting, musical performance, or catering. 
  • Agency support for the client in the communication area – temporarily taking over the role of the press office and a strategic consultant in the areas of media and public speaking. 
  • Creating a scenario within the time frame imposed by TV. 
  • Directing the event on a television and streaming level. 
  • Building a TV and offline script – for guests at the venue and for streaming. 

Our actions proceeded in several stages and in various areas. The OneMulti event team, from the beginning of cooperation with the client, focused on preparing the Gala Finale of the Plebiscite as best as possible. Meanwhile, the PR department focused on promoting the voting itself in the media, and later on the results of the plebiscite and the gala.   


  • Organization of the Gala Finale of the 5th Athlete of the Year Awards #Guttmanny2023, Warsaw, 04.12.23 (directing, script, and event coordination). 
  • Production of a television broadcast (Polsat Sport). 
  • Creation of an online registration system for participants. 
  • Broad reach of information about the plebiscite to a diverse group of media. 
  • Development of several press releases and a letter to institutions to promote the plebiscite. 
  • Positioning representatives and ambassadors of the Paralympic committee as experts speaking in the media. 
  • Support organizers in creating a Q&A. 
  • Client support in inviting and accrediting media for the awards ceremony. 
  • PR support during the gala, exposing and placing experts. 
  • Press office work related to accrediting media, sending and follow-up of press information, and handling media present at the gala. 

As a result of exemplary cooperation between agency teams and undisturbed collaboration with the client – the Polish Paralympic Committee (PKPar), we managed to coordinate all activities and achieve the intended goals. The Gala Finale proceeded in accordance with the script and the client's assumptions. The organization of the event received positive reviews from organizers, present guests, TV station managers carrying out the broadcast, and industry experts. The plebiscite mobilized a record number of voters, and representatives of all key editorial offices attended the gala. The PR team achieved excellent results in terms of the number of publications and their reach.   


  • 539 publications generated organically with a total reach of over 4.8 million (as of 20.12.23). 
  • The campaign widely exposed in nationwide, industry, and local media. 
  • Verified AVE estimated at almost PLN 1.5 million (as of 20.12.23). 

The campaign brought the desired result and even exceeded the client's expectations – in the Athlete of the Year plebiscite in 2023, over 15,000 internet users voted, more than twice the result of the previous edition (6,500 votes). This is a tremendous satisfaction for us because the effort of athletes with disabilities has been appreciated and duly rewarded. 

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