In a short time we drew attention and acquainted fashion and lifestyle journalists and readers with the dynamically developing company Polar - a Finnish pioneer in the production of heart rate monitors, training computers and physical activity monitors.

Polar, with almost 40 years of experience in innovative medical research into sports physiology, offers a wide range of products tailored to the needs and level of sophistication of each user, such as sports watches, bicycle computers, activity monitors, as well as mobile apps and websites. The award-winning Polar devices are available in more than 35,000 stores worldwide and are the most popular choice for consumers. Polar operates in more than 80 countries and is headquartered near the city of Oulu, Finland. 

One-2-one meetings and product tests with journalists. 

During 3 months, 22 meetings with journalists took place. Many of them were attended by an expert: a representative of the distributor of Polar accessories - Ryszard Szul from Sport Konsulting, who was an valuable substantive support. 

Journalists in a pleasant atmosphere could get acquainted with the products of the Polar brand and deepen their knowledge of the borderline between electronics, sport & recreation and health. The aim of the meetings was to intrugue, interest, educate and inspire the media to take up this topic, aimed at generating media placements for Polar products. 

Cooperation with bloggers.

In addition, the agency was responsible for relations with bloggers, product tests in the media, event management, as well as developing a strategy and its implementation within the management of the company's Facebook profile. The activities were carried out under the slogan #LiveStoPercent. 

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