Campaign on earth pollution "Thoroughly study before inhabit"

The Polish law imposes an obligation to clean up polluted soil, but it does not explicitly require it to be tested for chemical pollution.

Meanwhile, everyone usually checks their eyes before buying new glasses, takes off the measure before sewing a tailor's suit, examines the needs of customers before opening a new business, checks creditworthiness before they take out a loan.

But before they buy a flat or a house, do they simply ask about the quality of land on which the building stands? 

Has the land been examined? 

Basically, this was the question from Menard Polska, a company offering comprehensive solutions in the field of soil improvement and remediation of contaminated soil and water. In response, we proposed a number of PR activities, one of which we would like to draw your attention to. 

Campaign on earth pollution

The aim of the our campaign "Thoroughly study before inhabit" was to draw the attention of people interested in purchasing a flat or a house to the problem of land surface contamination and to encourage them to ask the sellers, real estate brokers and developers whether the appropriate ground and water environment research has been carried out. In order to ensure that Poles consciously, out of concern for their own safety, ask proper questions to developers and sellers. This topic should also be close to all stakeholders connected with the real estate market, including architects, developers, investors, geologists and local authorities.

How we did it? 

When buying a flat or a house, Poles ask many questions. However, they do not check whether the building was built on land free from pollution. The challenge was to reach out to people interested in buying a property and convince them to ask an additional question - whether the land has been tested for chemical pollution. The subject is so important, because in recent years the amount of free space for development in cities has decreased significantly, and the constantly rising prices of flats make developers more and more willing to use, among others, post-industrial land or former military and railway areas.

The campaign was based on a checklist with 10 questions to be asked at the time of purchase of the property. The checklist is available on a dedicated content page of a guidebook character On this website we have discussed a number of topics, interesting for people looking for their own flat or a house, thinking about its finishing. Traffic to the website was gained by organic positioning and dedicated profile on Facebook as well as advertising in this social channel. Additionally, in order to attract media interest and gain contexts for action, we conducted an opinion poll on how Poles buy property. 

Results of our activities

During the half-yearly campaign we obtained over 370 publications in the press and on the Internet. We recorded almost 50,000 visits to the campaign website within 6 months. But that's not all. Our campaign was awarded with the highest distinction - golden statuette - of the PRGN Awards 2018 competition in the "Content Marketing & SEO" category. 

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