Global ESG Monitor

Global ESG Monitor

In 2022 we became the exclusive Polish partner of a global project - Global ESG Monitor 2022 (GEM), which assesses the transparency of non-financial reporting of the world's largest companies. Through the partnership, we offer data reporting services related to the transparency of presenting ESG information. We list the services in the text below. 

What is the Global ESG Monitor 2022?

The Global ESG Monitor is an initiative to measure the level of transparency of companies' non-financial reporting (ESG). It is an independent assessment of non-financial information published by major companies in Australia, Asia, Europe and the US. A total of 625 ESG reports from 350 companies listed on the world's top 10 stock indices on 4 continents were examined in 2022. 

Here is the link to the global report:

In this year's edition, Polish companies included in the WIG20 index of the Warsaw Stock Exchange were also surveyed for the first time.

Why is the Global ESG Monitor 2022 report important?

Transparency of company activities is not a new phenomenon. For years there has been a discussion about how much and what data should be disclosed by organizations to the public. 

The era when only financial results were the criterion for evaluating business operations is a thing of the past. Businesses and organizations increasingly understand their place among the entire ecosystem and network of dependencies. Especially as non-financial data is becoming one of the criteria for investors and other stakeholders to assess the health of companies. How a company interacts with the environment or how it respects human rights has a real bearing on access to capital.

It is also an important project in the context of the EU's Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), approved in November 2022, which will oblige some 3,500 companies in Poland (up to 50,000 across the EU) to report in detail on their companies' environmental, human rights and social impacts. The new sustainability reporting requirements will apply to all large companies, whether they are listed on stock exchanges or not. And it is only a matter of time before the regulations extend to all companies operating in the market. 

Global ESG Monitor is part of a global trend, the essence of which is the belief that doing business today is based on trust and requires transparency like never before.


What ESG services can OneMulti provide in the context of the Global ESG Monitor?

Examples of services include:

1. ESG Workshop

Provides a 360° view of ESG issues: major players, laws and regulations, key concepts and trends

2. Individual Gap Analysis:

This includes the company’s data in the different categories benchmarked against the average of the relevant index of the company’s country

3. Peer Group GAP Analysis:

This includes the company’s data in the different categories benchmarked against an individually chosen peer group (chose as many companies as you wish) and against the average of the relevant index of the company’s country 


What is the GEM AssayTM research tool? 

GEM AssayTM is a research tool used to measure transparency. The operationalization of transparency in GEM AssayTM is based on the relevant guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), ISO Standard 26000 and Accountability and Transparency, 2010a. The criteria for measuring transparency fall under six interdependent dimensions: balance, comparability, accuracy, timeliness, reliability and relevance.



More information about the GEM 2022:

cometis AG, Germany,

Currie Communications, Australia,

Xenophone Strategies, USA,

OneMulti, Poland,

Free Comm, Romania,

Perspective Strategies, Malesia,

LBS Communications, Hong Kong, 

Download the global version of the Global ESG Monitor 2022: 


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