60th anniversary Gala

The 60th anniversary gala of the ZMPD

The Association of International Road Carriers in Poland is the largest association in our country in the road transport sector, bringing together about 4.5 thousand entrepreneurs. As a result of winning the tender, we had the opportunity to organize a jubilee Gala on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of this organization. 

The 60th anniversary of the ZMPD

The ceremony was attended by over 1800 people. Apart from ZMPD members, the Gala was attended by representatives of public administration, parliamentarians, representatives of international organizations, including foreign associations of road hauliers, and long-term partners of ZMPD, operating in the road transport sector, including manufacturers of trucks and trailers, as well as fuel card operators and insurers. 

Event in numbers: 

- 11 hours of the event 
- nearly 1,800 participants 
- more than 25 hours of installation 
- LED screens with an area of almost 110 m² 
- several dozen kilometres of cables 
- more than 30 supply teams 
- 250 catering staff, including more than 160 waiters and more than 50 chefs 
- 153 tables for guests  

The 60th anniversary of the ZMPD - reception & guest registration

Guests of the Jubilee registered through a special online platform, where they also booked tables. The anniversary was started by a multimedia show dedicated to the event, combining dance and technology. The dynamic stage show, synchronized with music, introduced the guests to the character of the evening. 

The 60th anniversary of the ZMPD in the Expo XXI Conference CenterThe 60th Anniversary Gala of the ZMPD

The main point of the evening was the awards ceremony of national state medals. The President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda honored over 40 distinguished members and activists of ZMPD. On behalf of the President, the decoration act was performed by the Advisor of the President of the Republic of Poland, Ms. Agnieszka Lenartowicz-Łysik. The TV-show style of setting of the ceremony made an impression on both the guests and representatives of the President's Office. 

For the first time in the 60-year history of ZMPD the statuettes "Friend of Road Transport" were granted - the prizes for persons and institutions that have a particular impact on the activities of international road transport. 

During the Gala, Andrzej Malinowski, President of the Employer of the Republic of Poland organization, honored Jan Buczek, President of ZMPD, with the statuette of Vector. 

The 60th anniversary of the ZMPD

Mercedes-Benz, the Gala's main partner, has prepared a limited edition of 60 exclusive Actros trucks specifically for the 60th anniversary of the ZMPD. One of these vehicles entered the Gala in an impressive style, becoming one of the many attractions of the evening. It attracted a lot of applause and interest from the guests. 

ZMPD 60th Anniversary Gala - Mercedes Actros

Together with Polish carriers also celebrated the representatives of foreign organizations of the industry. In total, as many as 31 delegations from different countries participated in the Jubilee. 

Jubileusz 60-lecia ZMPD w hali Expo XXI

The Multi team was responsible for comprehensive coordination of the event: creation, scenario, logistics and direct implementation of the 60th Anniversary Gala of ZMPD. 

The 60th anniversary of the ZMPD

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