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Companies need to know about ESG reporting. Non-financial compilations of information on companies are far from perfect or simply do not exist. However, there are principles and good models to follow. Our clients gain this knowledge in an ESG workshop led by European experts. 

Why do companies need ESG workshops?

Although business owners, CEOs, board members, top level managers are aware of the growing importance of ESG in management, they often do not know what exactly ESG is and what the principles of non-financial reporting are. There is often a lack of confidence among boards of directors in defining and managing important corporate sustainability issues. Often, the area of ESG management is delegated to managerial positions, although this should be an area of focus for boards of directors. A company's board of directors must have a sufficient understanding of ESG to oversee the company and fully discharge its responsibilities to stakeholders.

For what positions is the workshop prepared?

  • CEOs and board chairwomen and chairmen
  • Board members
  • Top level managers
  • Business owners 

What are the results of the ESG workshop?

1.    Understand the global ESG challenge and the implications for the company
2.    Become familiar with the role and impact of the capital market as an ESG accelerator
3.    Set the course for ESG-related issues in your company
4.    Raise awareness of the necessity of materiality and the opportunities and risks arising from sustainability for your own company
5.    Place the legislative requirements in the context of the company and avoid liability for your company due to important deadlines from the EU regulations.
6.    Create the conditions for regular stakeholder dialogue
7.    Get insights from Global ESG Monitor research (corporate ESG disclosure)

What does an ESG workshop look like?

It is an online or offline workshop. It usually lasts 3-4 hours.

It is conducted by experienced experts in English.

The webinar provides a 360° view of the ESG environment. It teaches the significance of ESG from different perspectives (e.g. asset managers, rating agencies, organizations), explains the bigger picture (why is ESG a megatrend) as well as specific motives and interest and highlights developments and trends.


- Background and definition of a global challenge
- Sustainability from a financial market perspective
- Sustainability from a corporate perspective
- Sustainability and the supply chain
- Regulations, standards, practices
- The principle of materiality

The Webinar gives lots of opportunities to ask questions.

Who is conducting the ESG workshop?

OneMulti’s ESG workshops are led by European experts with years of experience in:

- ESG financial and non-financial reporting

- investor relations, IPOs and capital increases

- stakeholder dialogue

- sustainable development

- behavioral economics research and transparency analysis of ESG reporting

- financial media relations

Experts are members and partners of Global ESG Monitor.

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