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YIT is Finland's largest and Northern Europe's most respected development and construction company. For 110 years it has been creating a better residential environment for its customers. It has been present in Poland since 2015 and from the very beginning OneMulti agency has been building the developer's image and brand recognition of YIT on the domestic market.

YIT builds functional homes for sustainable living, modern public and commercial buildings, and infrastructure that fosters a smoother flow of people, businesses and societies. The company employs 7,000 professionals in ten countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. In 2021 YIT generated revenues of €2.9 billion. YIT Corporation's shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.

In Poland, YIT mainly carries out development projects in Warsaw and Gdansk.

In process of designing housing estates, the developer follows the Finnish design and focuses on functionality, natural materials, neutral colors, unforced minimalism and care for the environment. An important place in the developer's estates is the common space, arranged in such a way as to encourage spending time outdoors in carefully arranged surroundings.

We began working with YIT in 2015. At the beginning it covers handling media relations, including: creating a communication strategy, preparing a media list and Q&A for journalists, editing press releases, responding to media inquiries, reporting and ongoing consulting. Today, in addition to media relations, we moderate and create content for Facebook, as well as edit material for the blog - YIT Magazine.

Website: www.yitgroup.com


Sustainability and Finnish design are two key communication areas alongside YIT's development projects in Poland. In our everyday work we focus on brand communication, exposing the developer's distinctive values, such as high quality of buildings, innovative approach to bringing units with institutional lease option to the market, in order to effectively build YIT recognition in Poland. An important element of communication is the original concept of "More Life in Yards", which consists in designing common space for residents of the estates in a way that encourages them to spend time outdoors.

We also focus on communicating all current events in the life of the company, share our successes and new projects, such as the start of construction of Cranes in Gdańsk, the first landmark project in the Tri-City area, or the sale of over a thousand apartments for rent in Warsaw to the Danish fund NREP, which is the fourth largest transaction concluded in 2021 in Central Europe. Professor Rainer Mahlamäki, a world-renowned Finnish architect and the author of the award-winning design of the POLIN Museum of Polish Jews, was responsible for the concept of this project.

Our task is to communicate the developer's modern approach to the housing market and offering rental units to institutional investors. It is so non-standard that it arouses controversy and provokes comments. By implementing new sales concepts, YIT is certainly reviving the real estate market in Warsaw and Gdańsk.

We conduct careful communication based on the specifics of YIT's business and on what distinguishes the brand from other developers. In this way we not only mark presence of YIT in Poland, but also constantly build its image of innovative developer and relations with business environment and consumers.


We can boast of publications in national, business, trade and other media. Since the beginning of our service to YIT in the media appeared almost 4 thousand publications (3 964) with total AVE over 17 million PLN (17 153 891). Most popular among media were materials about new investments, including YIT's entry into another city outside Warsaw - Gdańsk, sale of over 1000 apartments to NREP fund, pro-ecological actions, such as replanting 21 trees from Aroma Park investment in Białołęka. We are currently working on implementing a communication strategy regarding sustainable development of the company. We also face a challenge connected with preparation of interviews and expert commentaries on the aforementioned topics and current activities of YIT. In 2021 there was an interview published in "Forbes" with the CEO of YIT: https://www.forbes.pl/yit-buduje-mieszkania-na-wlasnosc-i-wspoltworzy-rynek-najmu-w-polsce/k6895c0.

  • Since the beginning of YIT's Facebook fanpage service, i.e. August 2019, we have published 193 posts. It gained 824 new observers, at the end of the fourth quarter of last year their number was 2726 people.
  • Paid activities on Facebook also increased traffic to the YIT website. In Q4 2022, it amounted to 8,244 users, including 8,279 new users, which accounted for almost 30% of the total traffic to the site.
  • YIT's magazine (blog), in which our blog articles can be found, was highlighted in early 2022 as one of the most interesting developer blogs in "Developer & Marketing" magazine.
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