Volkswagen drives electromobility in Poland

Our project is focused on searching for insights supporting communication and building the image of Volkswagen brand as a leader in electromobility in Poland. Thanks to our educational activities we fight with stereotypes about electric cars. In our educational activities we are supported by Insightout Lab, analytical team, which both actively analyzes and provides content which builds awareness about electric cars and breaks down the stereotypes about these cars among Poles.

All activities related to the "Volkswagen drives electromobility in Poland" project, at the beginning of 2020, were preceded by an in-depth research including analysis of studies and media publications appearing in Polish and foreign sources, interviews with Volkswagen experts and employees, and also with users and non-users of electric cars and media representatives. 

In doing so, we have created and we are currently creating an image of electromobility as seen through the eyes of journalists, influencers and consumers and have learned that it is dominated by stereotypes.

In such a situation, the need for thorough and well-planned education came to the fore. We decided to base our action plan on activities rich in information that would break the stereotypical approach to electromobility, and on research, which became for us a key source of information allowing us to identify the critical areas requiring educational activities. We have gained a lot of valuable insights and prepared a list of counter-arguments. The surveys are carried out on a regular basis, and their analyses provide a basis for further action.


The research conducted prior to the project allowed us to identify two main objectives around which our subsequent activities were focused.

  • Firstly, we want to change the way of thinking of journalists and society about electric cars.
  • Secondly, we want to create high participation of Volkswagen brand in the public debate on electromobility.


Problems related to electromobility became our starting point for the project. We have created a database of stereotypes, which we are fighting on the website. Subpage "Electromobility" is an independent source with data, analysis and visualizations on electromobility. This is one of the elements of strengthening the reliability of communication and the image of Volkswagen as an expert and educator. We regularly publish there reports and analyses confronting stereotypes with facts. reports and analysis

Stereotypes related to electromobility became our starting point for the project. We have created a database of key topics, which we systematically cover on The "Electromobility" sub-site is an independent source of data, analyses and visualisations on electromobility. We regularly publish there reports and analyses confronting stereotypes with facts.  Until today, we have conducted 22 surveys, on the basis of which the same number of reports and more than 70 more detailed analyses were created. They constitute the largest publicly accessible knowledge base in Poland on social attitudes towards electric cars, their owners and key aspects of "electric" changes in the automotive sector. 

Reliable knowledge gathered during our research is an important element in strengthening the credibility of our message and builds the image of Volkswagen brand as an expert and educator on the market of electric cars.

After two years of activities, we have published a comprehensive report on the research and analysis conducted so far in 2020-22. It provides a knowledge base on the mood of Poles, their growing interest in ecology and new technologies. Download the report

Publications in the Academy of Training app

Our research results and studies are made available to Volkswagen employees via the internal Training Academy application. Our reports and analyses expand their knowledge of electric cars and provide them with arguments to help customers make purchasing decisions. They are also used in presentations by Volkswagen experts and in native campaigns.

"Electrically Themed" (Elektrycznie tematyczni) Podcasts

We are constantly expanding educational content, exemplified by our series of podcasts "Electrically Themed" (Elektrycznie tematyczni), presenting, among other things: the results of our research. To participate in recordings we invite authorities and the most interesting personalities from the automotive industry and new technologies, who by taking part in the discussion, share their knowledge and rich experience with us.

We have already produced 41 episodes, and from 2022 the podcast is also prepared in video version, with publication on YouTube.

Membership in the Polish Alternative Fuels Association

We are actively involved in the Polish Alternative Fuels Association (in polish: PSPA). It is the largest industry organization creating the electromobility market in Poland and in the CEE region - InsightOut Lab is a member of it.


According to the Press-Service report prepared at the end of March 2022, as of April 2020, 1,000 publications have been written about our research and analysis, and the project is still being developed. 96% of them had positive overtones and 4% had neutral overtones. Their reach was 332,431,279, of which 96% was organic. AVE verified was equal to PLN 5 972 459.

The "Electrically Themed" podcast quickly appeared on the Apple Podcast Recommendations list in the "Automotive" category.

We are the winners of the following awards:

  1. Two statuettes in the plebiscite " Złote Spinacze" for the project  "Volkswagen drives electromobility" (in the category "Media Relations" and a special category "Research&Insight").
  2. A golden distinction of PRGN Awards 2020 in the category "consumer communication - products" for the project entitled "Volkswagen drives electromobility in Poland".
  3. Silver PRGN Awards 2020 distinction in the category "content marketing and SEO" for the project "Volkswagen drives electromobility in Poland".


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