Statement of the PPRCA Management Board on changes in the scope of work and remuneration of PR consultancies in the context of the coronavirus epidemic

The Management Board of the Polish Public Relations Consultancies Association (PPRCA), based on the principles adopted by the Association, expresses an unchanging position that the conditions of cooperation between member consultancies and their clients should adequately reflect the relationship between the scope of services and the agency's remuneration. The Code of Good Practices adopted by the PPRCA in point 10 states that: "PR companies apply transparent valuation of services, based on the costs of professional services and healthy business principles, according to the »fair-market-value« model".

In the opinion of the Board of the Association, the above principle applies in all circumstances. Also nowadays, when the PR industry and its clients may experience difficulties. The PR business is based on the work of people - consultants, therefore in terms of costs it is mainly based on personal components. The rules of relations between the agency and its employees are strictly defined and controlled by law. Therefore it is not possible to maintain the same level of service while reducing the agency's remuneration. As a responsible employer, the agency cannot afford to reduce the level of employees' salaries and at the same time enforce the same scope of work from them.

On the other hand, the agency may, in situations of special necessity, carry out only those activities which are necessary for the normal and safe functioning of the company or client's brand. In such situations, the agency may also, in return for the previous activities, perform the agreed tasks, which have not yet been covered by the agreement with the client. In this way the relationship between the scope of service and remuneration remains at an adequate level.

Arguing the rightness of such a model of cooperation, the Association supports the integrity of the industry during a pandemic and its accompanying challenges. One of such challenges is to maintain the staff that can successfully ensure continuity and the highest quality of service for clients in the future. We understand that the need to adapt to the current situation and the need to redefine priorities are also challenges faced by many of our clients. We, for our part, are open and ready to look for solutions that reconcile the interests of both parties. That is why we appeal to the market and customers for solidarity and cooperation that will help us all.