SOBER THINKING 2018 is a continuation of last year's educational campaign promoting responsible alcohol consumption. As last year, we do not teach and moralise, but convince people that sober thinking, in the broad sense of the term, is important and an integral part of modern lifestyles. 

We know how important good fun is in life, but we also know that it is always worthwhile to approach it in a reasonable and responsible way, because only then it gives us true, pure joy. The motto "#SoberThinking" refers to the ability to think rationally, make informed decisions, discover the world and feel joy and pleasure from every day. 

The campaign activities will be carried out from June to July. What will we do in this time together with Carlsberg Polska? 

Live events

Warsaw residents could play responsibly at dedicated, open events in the partner venues of Carlsberg Polska - Wwa Kingdom, British Bulldog Pub, Chicago's Bar&Grill and Explosion Club. Attractions, campaign gadgets and discount vouchers for safe return by taxi were waiting for the guests. 

"I Love Life - I Think Sober" research 

In cooperation with the research agency SW Research, we checked the opinions and attitudes of Poles in several key areas: the importance of "sober thinking" in life, experiences related to alcohol and assertiveness in refusing to drink. We paid special attention to situations that should not be categorically related to alcohol consumption. Magdalena Chorzewska, a psychologist and psychotherapist with many years of experience, is our substantive support in the communication of the study.

Cooperation with avian influencers

Carlsberg Polska continues the cooperation with last year's ambassador - Łukasz Jakóbiak. The campaign in July will also be supported by the blogger Marta Lech-Maciejewska, known as SuperStyler, who will take up the subject of responsible approach to alcohol consumption from a feminine and family perspective. The choice of influencers was not accidental. Marta is an active mother of two sons, for whom values such as family, health and constant discovering the world are of great importance in her life. Lukasz, on the other hand, values a balanced and satisfying life and attaches importance to responsible drinking.