In mid-August, we started working for Empik Group, the leader of multichannel trade in Poland. 
And we are very proud of that! 

We all know Empik. We know it because Empik is one of the most recognizable and popular Polish brands. It focuses on the passions and interests of the Poles. That is to say, it is all that interests us, inspires us and allows us to spend time in an interesting way. 

The aim of our activities for the Empik Group, conducted through the media and special actions, is to effectively reach the widest possible group of modern consumers of culture, people seeking inspiration and expecting the highest quality of services and above-average standards of service. PR, offline and online. 

We will build, strengthen and develop the image of Empik as the best companion in developing hobbies, interests, and passions, as well as a discoverer and motivator for our customers. Yes, Empik has a unique knowledge of the preferences of spending free time. So he is an excellent, trustworthy advisor in this area. This is the image we will take care of.

In our work for Empik Group, we focus on magnetic storytelling, quality content and creativity - even in our approach to everyday topics. 


Working with Empik means constant contact with the iconic brand. 

Empik means over 70 years of experience, a huge network of over 260 stores throughout Poland and a unique group of loyal customers. From the very beginning, Empik was close to culture. This is its symbol. It not only organizes its own events [as we do :) ] but is also the patron of numerous initiatives and projects in various fields of culture and art. Thanks to Empik, Poles can stay up to date with what is happening around books, films, and music, but the company also the patron of exhibitions, theatre and cinema premieres. 

All of this makes Empik stand out the market. At the same time, despite its existence since 1948, it is a fundamentally modern company, an innovator and trendsetter. Today, Empik focuses on broad discounts, the convenience of free delivery and unique cultural benefits by introducing the unique Empik Premium subscription service, which combines online and offline shopping channels, provides a long list of benefits - including a cultural package - available at a very attractive price for everyone. 

And it was with the PR launch of Empik Premium that we began our work, hopefully, long and fruitful journey. 

We would like to thank the entire Empik communication team for their trust! Empik's projects are now our passions and hobbies!