Company newsletter is a great tool for content marketing

With the growing popularity of content marketing, we are witnessing the development of corporate newsletters. Not all of them delight and many companies are skeptical about them. And yet, apart from social networks, events and media relations, the newsletter is a great tool for mass company communication. It allows for quick, effective and, what is important, precisely measurable contact between a brand and its customers.

"Most Internet users draw their knowledge from newsletters, 
and specialised news is particularly popular."*

Keeping a newsletter is about building a house on your own land

Against the background of all online communication, newsletters contribute to greater user loyalty than other traffic sources and are characterised by a relatively low rejection rate. A newsletter is a natural promotional tool for a company blog or content portal, but not only. You do not have to run a blog to use newsletters. It is suitable not only for brand communication with customers, but also for contact within the organisation itself, e.g. with employees and the sales network. You can use it to distribute training, guidebook and sales content.

There are many effective Polish and foreign solutions available to create and distribute newsletters, such as FreshMail, GetResponse, MailChimp, SalesManago or Sare. So there is plenty to choose from!

"88% of respondents willingly subscribe to newsletters.
Why? Because they focus on content and quick access to information."*

Dr. Natalia Hatalska, a well-known trend watcher and blogger, says so about the growing importance of this tool:  "(...) the companies took matters into their own hands and started to invest in e-mail marketing. We have a guarantee that the content we want to distribute will reach the right people because they signed up for the newsletter themselves."*

And this is the most important distinguishing feature of newsletters - voluntary subscription makes the recipients appreciate them very much. Don't let them down!

Newsletter is free from defects of social networks

Newsletters are not subject to defects and limitations of social networking sites. The content of emailings is not affected by range limitation, is free from unfavourable public comments and hate speech, is not subject to blocking posts or control of Facebook or Google algorithms. Their readership is an expression of authentic interest of the recipients and the result of refining the content (and of course the quality of the mailing base), and not smart positioning in search engines (SEO). In addition, they are marketer-friendly because they are easy to measure the effectiveness of reaching (CTR) and return on investment (ROI).

However, it is worth noting that social media, especially Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+, are perfect for subscribing to our newsletter. Properly prepared Twitter card or "Send email" button on FB fanpage works almost as effectively as pop-up or registration window on the website. 

9 advantages of the newsletter in your company

  • Own channel (owned medium) for content promotion 
  • Reaching the right target group (stakeholders who have signed up themselves) 
  • Loyalisation of subscribers - through regular, repeated contact with company content 
  • Acquiring potential ambassadors (transforming newsletter recipients into ambassadors) 
  • Enlarging the customer base (prospects, leads, buyers, users) 
  • Additional source of traffic for company websites, blogs, applications - increased number of visits, returning users 
  • Sustain of brand awareness 
  • Sales support - effective especially in the case of services and products offered online  
  • Additional space for advertising 

What is the condition for the effectiveness of the newsletter?

Three elements determine the effectiveness of the newsletter: attractive, unique content, responsiveness - good appearance on mobile devices and easy access. The latter, of course, is about a simple sign-up mechanism, preferably limited only to... giving an e-mail.

For example, to become a recipient of the BBC Newsletter with press releases from all over the world, all you need to do is enter your email address. The recipient country itself is set automatically based on the data from the browser. Of course, you can correct the country manually. On the other hand, when subscribing to the Zalando newsletter - one of the most popular clothing industry newsletters in Poland - it is necessary (apart from leaving the e-mail address) to indicate only gender. However, you will get a discount for signing up right away. Cool? 

The newsletter subscription form should be placed under each article on the website, at the end of each blog entry, as well as at the end of each news section. More about the construction of the form itself, landings and squeezepages on another occasion :-) 

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