If you want to change the way people think, you're probably a marketer. If you're ready for a constant change of the way you think, you're a very good marketer.

Marketing is understanding what is or can be important to people. What people think and how they behave is most important. How they are ready to think and act is even more important. That's what a marketer does. It doesn't matter if your business card has a marketing director, communications manager, chief content officer or CEO written on it.

Marketing is a state of mind

Not a position. It's a focus on delivering an important benefit. For someone. We are often focused on delivering, not on an important benefit. Organizing communication is easy because it can be done at the desk. Keyboard, screen. Statically. Meanwhile, life happens next to the keyboard and next to the screen. That's why you have to understand first, then organize.

Marketing is about being an audience

Let's think - how often do we talk about the Gen Z? How often do we talk about a target group? A lot and often. However, how often do we talk to people from the Gen Z? How often do we actually talk to the target group? Understanding means being in a relationship. Real life. Natural. True.

Marketing means building trust

Being with people, tuning in to them builds trust, which means the feeling that we are acting now and will act in accordance with the wishes and expectations of people in the future. Do we know all the wishes and expectations of our audience, our target group and our customers? Do we really respond to these wishes and expectations?

Marketing is the balance of influence

It is a constant balance between how the audience influences us and how we influence the audience. On the one hand, we do everything we can to understand what is and what can be important to people. On the other hand, we tell people what is and what can be important to them.

Marketing is a change in thinking and behaviour.

First of all ours. Then others.