When we think about content marketing, we think of digital platforms, blogs, infographics, social media channels. On the other hand, event marketing is one of the most effective forms of content distribution. An event gives a potential monopoly on stakeholders' attention for minutes, hours or even days. The minds of the participants go into a temporarily isolated space, which can be filled with effective and engaging content. On the other hand, good content may increase the attractiveness of the event itself. 

Here are TOP 5 reasons why it is worth organizing an event in accordance with the principles of content marketing: 

#1 Event builds content

Every event is a deadliner. Every deadline is the best motivator. Tens or hundreds of new slides are prepared for this one day. Infographics appear on the screens or in the materials for participants. Cameras record the speeches of company representatives, experts, customers, participants of the event. Case studies are being built. Realized films. Live broadcasts appear on Facebook. All this and tons of other forms of content can be used not only during the event, but also long after it. An event is therefore a gold mine in the hands of a good content manager. Using the content created for the needs or during the event, the duration of the event increases, thus increasing the effectiveness of the project.

#2 Good content marketing promotes the event

The event cannot take place without the audience. Attendance is often one of the main KPI event marketers. Building and promoting content before an event can be the key to the success of an event. It is worth using the content prepared by the speakers. It is possible to announce speeches with blog entries, author's texts placed in the media or video interviews distributed through newsletters. Engaging the potential audience in generating content before the event in the form of participation in the research is also one of the forms of promoting the event.

#3 Event is a platform for storytelling

Scene, spot, camera, screen and good story. Success brings good stories told by engaging speakers, experts, stars. The event gives the opportunity to tell stories to the participants of the event, its observers looking at the live broadcast on Facebook or on the website and all others who will be reached later by the promoted content. History must have an attractive drama, a bit like a Hollywood hit. It must be authentic and therefore magnetic. Then it will become an anchor for a long time, effectively attracting a brand to the world and effectively repelling the choice of a competitor.

#4 Event raises the importance of content

People always gather in the face of facts that are important for the humanity. Thus, they prove the validity of a certain thesis and idea. Crowds are also a test of the attractiveness of these theses or ideas. These principles are also used in every event. Words spoken by an expert from the stage become more important, more attractive. Events give the content its character and ennoble it. It is no coincidence that when we worked for one of the most famous brands of household appliances from Turkey, we started its implementation by organizing an event where, apart from the company's managers, representatives of the largest partner companies operating in Poland appeared. The content appeared in a new, credible context, which we created ourselves and we had absolute control over it.

#5 Speakers and partners multiply channels of communication

Content manager will use not only its own channels, but also acquired ones. In case of an event, it will use the channels of speakers and partners of the event (including media). He will plan the maximum squeeze out of the cooperation with people and institutions. It will motivate you to embed promotional, reporting or summary content. Therefore, there will be content inviting to participate in the event on LinkedIn, on Twitter of business partners participating in it, in the form of reports in the involved media. Everything will be planned and implemented according to the established Master Content Calendar of event. 

Piece of advice at the end

Remember that presentation quality is not only about slides, movies and music. It is also the quality of a public presentation. ALWAYS train speakers before a public performance