Do you know what a social wall is? It is thanks to it that you will transform social media into a background, scenery, multimedia and documentation of any event. All you have to do is provide Internet access and place the screens on the event site so that they are clearly visible at all times.
You will ask: "And that's enough?". The answer is "Yes!"  
Read on to find out how to do it. 

Engage audience in real time! 

Involve your audience from social media live, at conferences, fairs, seminars, vernissages, fashion shows and film premieres. Social wall integrates the participants of events. It collects and presents content, both yours as an organizer as well as that one created by the participants. It allows you to document and promote event attractions such as a photo booth call or a press wall. In this way you will get attention, reach new people, get likes, fans on Facebook, followers on Twitter, more subsciptions to YouTube channel. Or maybe, in time, you can even convert them into leads?  

How does social wall work?

It's an application that collects and displays, in the form of a few columns or rows, entries from these social channels that you point to, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. It can be done automatically, immediately after the posting, or with a given delay, or only after the moderator accepts the entry. In the latter option, of course, it requires the work of a supervisor, but in the case of mass public events it may be the safest option. As a moderator you can also distinguish selected entries. 


Unleash the power of the community.

Using a tool like a social wall, you use the power of the community - and not just your fans. In this way, you allow your audience to tell their own stories. Transform content from the world's largest social media channels into a powerful brand micro-platform in real time. In addition, it's available live, not only on the screens at the venue, but also remotely, over the Internet and on mobile devices. All in one go!

6 social wall tools.

There are many different ready-made solutions that allow you to present your social media content live in real time to your audience. The vast majority of them are web applications available in a web browser. To use them you do not need to download or install any software. Just log in directly to the web pages of these applications. Six examples are:

Start-up and configuration.

After logging in, select the social media from which you want to present your content. In some applications, you will need to enter your login details for the channel. Also create a unique hashtag - a keyword for an event, e.g. #OurEvent2020. Choose one that is unambiguously associated with the company, brand, event or product you are promoting. 
Please mind that an unintentional typo in hashtag does not lead or indicate a competitor's product, and that the chosen tag has not been used before on the web, especially in another context that you would rather prefer to avoid.    

Matching the needs of the brand.

Most social wall applications also allow you to adjust their appearance to the indications of the company's brandbook - usually only in paid versions. You can add a company logo, select interface colors or set a photo or graphics as a background. Such a "social wall" should also redirect to the company website or landing page dedicated to the promoted event. However, do not count on a perfect matching of pantone shade or font typeface.

Fire up and promote!

However, it is worth going one step further - to effectively inform the audience, do not limit yourself to digital channels!  Pay attention to the participants by giving the address and hashtag of the prepared social waltz on invitations, in mailing, in materials handed to guests, in menus or on leaflets or business cards. Give it on the first and last page of the displayed presentations. Display during coffee breaks. Write a short info explaining how social wall works and what you need to do to appear on it, and hand it to hostesses, reception staff, leave it at the bar or coffee buffet. Add them to the information packages for participants. You will see that it will work!

How else to use social wall?

Some social wall applications allow for more than just the presentation of social network entries in your browser. In order to use these features, you need to choose a paid version. The range of available options is wide and depends on the inventiveness of the creators of a given app. You can download the code (Java or iframe) to embed it on the website, place a link to your "wall" in the form of a bookmark in the fanpage on Facebook, and even get access to the API, which is the programming interface of the application, to be able to almost freely adapt it to your needs.  

Or maybe you have an idea how you could use social wall? WRITE TO US :)