OneMulti has started cooperation with the Polish Chamber of Insurance. The agency was selected through a tender and is responsible for communication consulting and public relations activities, including positioning of the Chamber's experts and preparing expert materials for its blogs. 

Polish Chamber of Insurance (PIU) is an organization of industry self-government gathering all insurers in Poland. Apart from shaping the insurance law and disseminating good market practices, it is also responsible for the insurance education of the society.  
- Insurance is not a simple issue, and we want to reach as many people as possible with the knowledge about it. OneMulti showed during the competition that it has an idea how to support us in this - says Marcin Tarczyński, Manager for Communication and Analysis at the Polish Chamber of Insurance. 

- OneMulti, formerly known as Multi Communications and Multi Event, has been operating on the Polish market for 29 years. During this time we have gained extensive experience in conducting integrated public relations and marketing communication activities. Today, content is a product that, properly packaged and delivered, allows you to reach specific groups and influence their behavior and attitudes. We will implement our philosophy of content management in cooperation with the Polish Insurance Association to educate Poles on such an important topic as insurance - says Mariusz Pleban, CEO of OneMulti. 

The OneMulti corporate communication team, headed by Urszula Matej-Bil, Account Director, is responsible for public relations activities for the Polish Chamber of Insurance.  

The Polish Chamber of Insurance is an industry self-government organization representing all insurance companies operating in Poland. The basic tasks of the Polish Chamber of Insurance include supporting the legislator in the scope of shaping the insurance law. The Chamber also conducts activities aimed at increasing the insurance awareness of the society and conducting a multilateral dialogue for the development of the insurance sector in our country. The Polish Chamber of Insurance has been operating since 1990.