At the beginning of November 2019, OneMulti agency started cooperation with Continental Opony Polska. The agency was selected as a result of a tender for a comprehensive public relations service. 
We are responsible for the implementation of PR strategies, media relations and communication consulting.  

– "As part of the Continental service in Poland, we will be responsible for communicating the Vision Zero strategy - a vision of the world without road accidents, as well as for product PR, including, among others, tyres for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Our activities will be focused on preparing press releases, positioning the company's experts, maintaining relations with journalists, organizing press conferences and meetings with the media. We will also take care of analyses and media reports, co-management of an on-line press office and cooperation with selected influencers" – says Mariusz Pleban, CEO of OneMulti. – "Continental is not only about tyres, it is a huge range of innovative products for the automobile industry. It's a top-of-the-line technology that we don't even know we have in our vehicles." 

The tasks of OneMulti will also include communication of Continental's participation in the Extreme E project, whose concern is a Founding Partner. – "This is a unique formula for an off-road racing of electric cars in extreme climatic conditions, in the most remote corners of our planet. In other words, it is the equivalent of Formula E, also driven by renewable energy, but in off-road conditions. We are excited about the opportunity to work on a project combining motorsport with the development of low-emission technology of the future" – adds Mariusz Pleban. 

The duration of the OneMulti contract with the new client has not been disclosed. 

Continental is one of the leading automotive suppliers, automotive parts suppliers and industrial partners in the world. Currently, every third car in Europe leaves the factory on the brand's tyres. The company is constantly developing innovative technologies and implementing new solutions in order to achieve the Zero Vision, i.e. complete elimination of road accidents. Continental currently employs more than 230,000 people in 56 countries. 
Continental Opony Polska is the Polish branch of the German Continental AG. COP is responsible for the sale of tyres on the Polish market. In addition to its commercial activities, COP also represents the interests of the Continental Group in Poland in the areas of passenger car tyres, truck tyres and specialty tyres. The company does not have a tyre factory in Poland, but develops a network of BestDrive services.