OneMulti previously known as Multi Communications & Multi Event

As a manager in the field of automotive and technology you will have the opportunity to keep in touch with the latest automotive tech. You will be responsible for the implementation of projects addressed to various audiences, sometimes automotive enthusiasts, technological geeks, but also market followers or calm observers.
The challenge will be to provide customers, mainly international ones, with a reason to be proud of implementing world-class projects. Yes, in Poland we do a really good communication. And you will prove it more than once! 

Now, specifically, point by point. You will:
1) establish a communication strategy (not only public relations) together with the OneMulti team and the client
2) acquire new projects in the field of automotive industry and technology, because the new one is cool
3) coordinate and implement projects, i.e. you will keep everything in hand and ensure that the project moves mainly along simple tracks to the Great Effects and Wise Results stations
4. communicate with key stakeholders close and futher customer and project audience, including journalists, influencers, celebrities, experts and consumers 
5) monitor what squeaks in the online and offline grass roots and react accordingly, involving the client's brand into a meaningful discussion
6) talk in Polish and English
7) write also, mainly in Polish
8) you will think 
9) create, invent, brainstorm, develop the best ideas, which may be colorful, but certainly will be effective 
10) win prizes and awards, as well as
11) develop the team's knowledge of the automotive industry and new technologies 
12) have fun at work.

This position requires at least 4 years of experience in the automotive and technology industry. It also requires at least 2 years of experience in managing a team of several people. And one more thing - you have to be self-driving, i.e. have a driving licence and understand what mobility or fun means. 

Of course, you will be provided with medical care. 

If you read on and still nod and agree with this content - send us your CV, show up, tell us about yourself. 

Send your CV to the address: 

Do not forget to include the following clause to your CV: "I agree to the processing of my personal data contained in the job offer for the recruitment process in accordance with the Act of 27.08.1997, Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 101, item 923 as amended".