As an already very well-developed country located practically in the heart of Europe, Poland is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for organisers of international events. There is no shortage of arguments for choosing this country as a venue for conferences, congresses or large media events. Why should you consider organising your event in Poland? 

A developed but still developing country in Central and Eastern Europe 

Poland is a dynamically developing country, with an increasingly stable economy and growing investments. The country is constantly developing economically, gradually catching up with the most developed European countries, and the value of GDP per capita in purchasing power standards (PPS) as a percentage of the EU average in 2022, according to Eurostat, was as high as 80. It is also in Poland that the tallest building in the entire European Union is located – the Varso Tower measuring 310 metres. Located practically in the heart of Europe, Poland is the perfect meeting point for participants from different countries. Easy access from most European cities and excellent air connections make the organisation of events in Poland convenient for guests from all over the world. Airports are located in most major cities, and the whole country is very well connected by rail and expressways, so that even places far from airports remain affordable in terms of travel time. According to the Polish Civil Aviation Office, for the first three quarters of 2023, Poland's largest airports handled more than 40 million passengers, and it only takes about 15-25 minutes to get to the centre of Warsaw from the largest Chopin Airport, depending on the time of day. 

Attractive price conditions 

Compared to many other European countries, prices in Poland are relatively lower. Food prices can be a good indicator here. As reported by Eurostat, in 2022 food prices in Poland were only 70.7% of the EU average, making the country one of the cheapest countries in the European Union. This means that event organisers can provide high quality services and attractions while keeping organisational costs affordable. The lower prices of accommodation, food and transport are an important argument for choosing Poland as an event location. However, lower prices are not followed by lower quality. On the contrary, events in Poland are organised on a world-class level, often impressing with their grandeur or innovative ideas. 

Metropolises? The sea? Mountains? You will find it all in Poland 

Poland offers diverse and interesting locations for organising events. From large, dynamic cities such as Warsaw, Kraków or Wrocław, through picturesque areas by the Baltic Sea, to charming Masurian lakes and majestic mountains – there is something for everyone. This diversity means that organisers can tailor the location to the nature of the event and the preferences of the participants. Winding mountain roads will be ideal for test drives of a new car model, while vibrant Warsaw will be the perfect choice for the launch of a new line of smartphones. Poland's interesting position for foreign visitors is confirmed by data from the Polish Economic Institute, which reports that the country was visited by as many as 2.5 million people from abroad in the first half of 2023, and foreign tourists account for nearly 20% of those using Polish accommodation facilities. 


Modern event base 

Poland has seen a significant development in event infrastructure in recent years. Many modern conference and exhibition venues have sprung up, meeting the highest standards. An extensive hotel base guarantees comfortable accommodation for participants, regardless of the location of the event. The venues are, for the most part, perfectly adapted to the needs of people with disabilities and built in accordance with sustainable development guidelines, which is now important for many event organisers. Modern event centres are located both in large cities and in resort areas, where they are often combined with spa-type facilities, which can be an additional attraction for your event guests. The high standard of Polish hotels is evidenced by the international distinctions awarded to them, such as the Bronze A' Design Award, awarded for a unique reconstruction and interior design, which was given to the Hotel Zamek na Skale in Trzebieszowice near Kłodzko in 2023. 

Non-obvious spaces 

Poland offers not only modern event venues, but also interesting spaces that have been adapted from old industrial facilities or historical buildings. Examples include Elektrownia Powiśle in Warsaw or Manufaktura in Łódź – venues with a unique character that add a special charm and atmosphere to events. However, there is also no shortage of modern venues created in line with the latest design trends, which, in combination with a suitable event, will also form a complementary and interesting whole. 

Choose Poland 

Poland can be an excellent location for organising international events, offering attractive prices, rich infrastructure, interesting locations and excellent communication with the rest of Europe and the world. As a result, more and more organisers are choosing the country as a venue for their events, contributing to the development of the events industry in the country. 

Do you want to find out what aspects you absolutely must pay attention to when organising an international event and what first steps you should take? You will find out in our following articles!