Organising international events is a task that requires proper preparation and consideration of many important aspects. Proper planning can determine the success of the entire event and the satisfaction of the guests. 

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Choose a suitable location 

The most important thing in organising a successful event is finding the right venue. It should be close to the airport or in a location where you can provide your guests with convenient transportation by car, bus or train. Poland's key airport is the Fryderyk Chopin Airport in Warsaw (WAW). There are two other airports in the Warsaw conurbation – Warsaw-Modlin (WMI) and Warsaw-Radom (RDO). Varsovians love the airport closest and largest to the centre, WAW. It is here that the majority of participants in Warsaw events land. This does not mean, however, that the capital is the only well-connected place in the country by air. Poland has a number of large airports, including those in Kraków, Gdańsk and Wrocław. Air traffic in Poland is developing extremely dynamically and, according to the Polish Civil Aviation Office, Poland's national airports handled more than 200% more passengers in the first three quarters of 2023 than in the same period of 2021. Many of them also have an extensive hotel and event base, which means that you can organise your event practically on the airport premises. The choice of location should also be determined by the type of event – the first journalistic test drive of a new car model requires a different type of venue than, for example, an international conference for the technology industry. Poland is an extremely diverse country in this respect. From seaside resorts, to large, bustling cities, to tranquil areas of lakes or mountains – you are sure to find a venue perfectly suited to your event. Poland's attractive position on the tourist map of the world has been noted by the well-known US portal, which has placed the country at the top of its list of countries worth visiting in 2023. 

Ensure linguistic comfort 

It is important to hire an English-speaking team that can communicate fluently with guests from outside the country. Professional service in English, which is considered the international standard, will make them feel comfortable and not intimidated by the language barrier. However, not only the main service team, but also all subcontractors should be prepared to serve in English. From hostesses to technical staff, everyone should be ready for international guests. Finding an English-speaking team in Poland should not be a problem. According to a report published by in 2023, 60% of Poles declare that they speak English at least at an intermediate level, allowing them to communicate freely with foreigners. If you plan to play music during your event, also pay attention to the repertoire. The DJ should choose songs in such a way that they are recognisable to people from different countries. 

However, if some of the guests you plan to invite do not speak English, it is a good idea to provide them with access to an interpreter who will ensure fluent communication in their native language. This will make them feel comfortable at your event. 

Through the stomach to the heart 

Culinary must not be forgotten! Prepare an interesting gastronomic offer containing both elements of international cuisine and traditional local flavours that may be of interest to gourmet guests. According to a ranking published in 2023 by the well-known culinary portal Taste Atlas, Polish cuisine is one of the most interesting in the world, occupying a very high, 13th position, ahead of countries such as Georgia or Turkey. When organising your event in Poland, take into consideration internationally renowned local delicacies such as pierogi or bigos – for many people such dishes may be something new and fascinating. Poland has a rich and dynamically developing culinary scene, headed by many amazing chefs. The quality of Polish restaurants is evidenced by the awards they have received, including Michelin stars. In 2023, the Bottiglieria 1881 restaurant from Kraków became the first restaurant in the country to be awarded two Michelin stars. 

Varied leisure time 

If you plan to provide free time for your guests, it is worth preparing a map of tourist attractions in the area for them. This can be a great opportunity for them to learn about local attractions and culture. Poland has a rich tourist offer, both when it comes to historic spaces such as Warsaw's Old Town or Kraków's Wawel Castle, and modern museums and science centres such as the Copernicus Science Centre or the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews. The list of Poland's 10 most interesting tourist attractions, published in 2023 by the British newspaper The Guardian, also includes locations such as the Renaissance market square in Zamość and the Hel Peninsula. Popular navigation applications, led by Google Maps and Waze, can make getting around the country easier. They have an extensive, continuously updated database of locations, which will help your guests to easily reach their destination and find out interesting information about a given place. 


Finance and accounting 

Organising an international event requires precise financial accounting. Finding a company that can invoice costs into your country's currency will make the process easier. This is especially important for ticketed events – being able to pay in your home currency will be much more comfortable for foreign guests than paying in a foreign currency

Find a local partner 

The organisation of international events is a task that requires attention in many different areas. Ensuring a suitable venue, an English-speaking team and subcontractors, preparing an interesting range of catering and attractions to enhance guests' leisure time, and ensuring a comfortable financial settlement are all aspects that must be taken into account. In order to make sure that everything is taken care of, it is worth finding the right local partner. In Poland, agencies such as OneMulti, whose teams are made up of experienced specialists familiar with the specifics of their market, can be of invaluable help in organising international events. 

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