"On a daily basis, I try to talk less and listen, observe, read and watch more. This makes it easier to ask questions and opens up to the interviewees," says Katarzyna Mazur, another guest in our media series. The journalist, who has worked with the editors of Gazeta Finansowa, Home&Market and Gentleman for more than a dozen years, reveals her recipe for successful cooperation between the two worlds - media and PR.

What skills do you consider key for a journalist and how do you work to develop them?

The key skill for me is the ability to listen. The interview is the journalistic form that I value the most and practice the most, so I practice listening skills on my interviewees ;) On a daily basis, I also try to talk less and listen more, observe, read, watch. This makes it easier to ask questions and opens up to interlocutors. In my case, very different ones, representing different industries, environments of competence.

What is the most important task of a journalist these days?

In my opinion, the tasks of journalists, regardless of the times, should be the same: we should reliably, based on facts and not our own opinions, report reality.

How will AI affect the work of journalists 1 year from now?

I don't get emotional about AI, I don't feel that it's a tool that will take away my job. Today it is severely imperfect, and I don't think the coming year will change anything in this regard. Maybe in the long run AI will be able to support the work of journalists, but I do not overestimate its capabilities.

What do you think the ideal relationship between PR and journalism should look like?

What is noticeable from my perspective of several years of working with the editors of Gazeta Finansowa, Home&Market and Gentleman is the qualitative change in the texts provided by PR departments of companies and PR agencies. Today I can count on the delivery of expert content from their side without unnecessary explanations and with full understanding. Just a few years ago this was not obvious. I value cooperation with PR agencies and maintain a relationship with those that understand what my work is about and what kind of material I expect. For my part, I try to be clear about the needs of the editors, but also be open to the possibilities of the PR agency. The ideal for me is to find a balance in our relationship.

What are the biggest challenges you face as a journalist?

I don't see external factors in terms of challenges. If I face anything in my work, it's my own laziness and putting off topics until the last minute. And with an excess of plans and current things to do ;)

How do you see the condition of the labor market in Poland nowadays?

There are many generations of us in the labor market, which breeds diversity. And diversity, properly used, managed, can give fascinating results. Those who want to work, want to develop, including in the journalism industry, will find a way to do so.

What major challenges do you see facing the HR industry?

For me, in all aspects of our lives, including professional life, the key word is openness. The HR industry is changing, today it is no longer just recruitment, but everything related to the human factor. Challenges will be less of a burden if this key word-openness-plus additional attentiveness-guides us all.

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