Cars have no secrets to her. On the road you can meet her behind the wheel of a truck, an American beautiful classic or even a bus. On a daily basis she develops the portal. Winner of the eMobility Media Awards 2022 and Trade Press Award 2023. 


What skills do you consider key for a journalist and how do you work to develop them? 

The key skills? I think the courage to ask questions. In my opinion, a journalist should be inquisitive, curious about the world and the reality around him. When working on material, it is necessary to have an open head, to be able to take a broader view in order to provide the reader with answers to questions that may arise in his head while reading the article. Then interesting material is created, which gives satisfaction to the writer and allows to satisfy the curiosity of the reader. And I guess that's essentially the point. 

As for inquisitiveness, I don't need to work on it, I have a huge natural resource. I don't lack courage either. ???? 

What is the most important task of a journalist these days? 

I think this question has already been partially answered. Reliability was, is and may it remain paramount. Providing verified information, in an interesting way. Showing different points of view. Getting to the source. Drawing on the latest available data. 

How will AI affect the work of journalists 1 year from today? 

AI has a lot of potential, but if we are talking about real journalism, then in a year or even five years, not much will change here in my opinion. AI can answer our questions, even write a text on a given topic, but it still very much depends on the specific guidelines we give it. It can help us get to the information, but it will still need verification. Artificial intelligence, therefore, can already be a supporting tool, but it has limitations all the time. 

What do you think the ideal relationship between PR and journalism should look like? 

I'm not sure I understand the question correctly... Good PR should not mislead. Of course, marketing is important for any company, but the materials prepared for the media should be based on the real state of affairs and provide relevant information. The press department should be at the disposal of the journalist. Treat him as a partner and help him get to the facts that interest him. 

Finish the sentence: If I don't write, then.... 

It's editing ???? This came to me in the first place, because I decided to expand my work some time ago to include video recording.... 

What are the biggest challenges you face as a journalist? 

I guess this will be non-political, but I think the biggest challenge for journalists today is to combine passion with everyday life. Journalism is a poorly paid occupation... That's if we're talking about pragmatism. 

A big challenge is also time, still not enough of it. Sometimes I think that a day is not so much too short anymore, but should be twice as long. 

Tell us about your most important/most crazy/unpredictable topic you've covered? 

I'm involved in this type of journalism that it's a little difficult to get crazy topics. Practically every text I write is the most important. Once I was conducting an interview and... it didn't get recorded. I went back to the editor's office and wrote it down from memory - it was probably the craziest venture. To this day, I don't know how I accomplished it. For me personally, market reports are important. I have been collecting data for many years, so I have a fairly broad knowledge of the subject. In addition, on this occasion I always talk to experts who are closest to the industry in question, which is also a very interesting experience for me. In this way, I gather opinions from many sources, so I have a broader picture. Right now I am probably most proud of the report on the prospects for the development of the electric truck market in Poland, which I have just completed. 

Tell us about the most exciting behind-the-wheel experience you've had in your journalism career 

Oh, this is another question in the difficult series. I keep getting behind the wheel of some vehicle. And I get excited about it all the time. It doesn't matter if it's a tractor-trailer, a bus or a compact crossover. I get in, start the engine and I'm happy. I like off-road driving, I also like fast cars and quiet city driving. Electric cars are great to drive, but a decent 550 hp V8 bruiser also has its advantages, which are hard to despise. Motorization appeared in my life a little by accident, but today I could not part with it anymore. It turns me on a lot ????