We build a good story directed to the right audience through appropriate touchpoints.

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Good story affects people 

With the help of a good history, we influence the world around us. We evoke a concrete way of thinking and commitment. We arouse emotions that influence decisions. We communicate in accordance with emerging, growing and mature trends. We aim at the context. 

Content marketing is the philosophy of our activity. First of all, we build attractive content. We attract the attention of the audience. We adapt the story to people's needs. We show a product or service as an answer to people's questions. You will see our 5 content steps methodology on the screens below. 

Content is your product. We help you manage it so that it has the greatest possible impact, changes specific behaviors, influences decision making. We plan, create and distribute content. All in accordance with the strategic goal of the company or product and the interests and concerns of the audience. We measure the achieved results and adjust the actions thanks to the results.

About us

1. Strategy

At the very beginning of the project we build the way to a specific goal. We work on insights and behavioural projection of the result. 

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2. Audience

The success of each project depends on the audience. The audience is more than the buyer. It's everyone involved in the decision making process. 

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3. The story

A good story told on the basis of facts is true in the perception of the viewer. That is why we create content very carefully. 

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4. Distribution

Even the best content without good distribution will not work. We plan carefully selection of the best channels reaching the audience through them. 

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5. Measurement

The achievement of the objectives is checked by monitoring the progress of the project results. We use the best systems and tools.


Content marketing
Content marketing
  • Engaging content management strategy
  • Relationship building with the audience
  • Content hubs online & offline 
  • Copywriting & SEO optimisation
  • Visual communication: graphic & video
Public Relations
Public Relations
  • Media relations
  • Employer branding
  • Crisis management
  • Corporate comms
  • Media trainings
  • CSR communication
Event Marketing
Event Marketing
  • Conferences & seminars
  • Official celebrations
  • Product launches
  • Internal events
  • Roadshows & picnics
  • Trainings & incentives
  • Fairs & exhibitions
Influencer Marketing
Influencer Marketing
  • Brand ambassadors
  • Native posting
  • Product reviews
  • Competitions
  • Seeding
  • Pop-ups on Social Media
Social media
Social media
  • Profile management 
     FB, IG, IN, YT, TT
  • Moderation & engagement
  • Advertising support
  • Optimization of conversion
  • Channel analytics
  • Monitoring & webcare

Public Relations


Thanks to journalists and the media, we are increasing the reach of our story. Topics of online and offline press releases can be: company, brand, product, problem and solution, organized events, successes, external and internal experts, educational programs, reports and many, many more interesting and important for our customers content. 

About us
About us

Event Marketing


Our event team, formerly known as Multi Event, is an expert in conveying a good story through business, consumer or internal events. Sometimes these are events for tens of thousands of participants, sometimes hundreds or tens. Always with attention to detail and delivery of the client's story. 

Social Media 


Through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media, we deliver engaging and engaging content to specific audiences. We work with a strategy of specific content pillars to give your communication rhythm and authenticity. 

About us
About us

Influencer Marketing 


Everyone's an influencer. Not everyone, however, is an effective influenceer. Our task is to choose the best fit for the task of people who have an influence on others. The strength of an influencer is the force of influence on its or its audience. We study, analyse and select the best option for our clients.

Content Marketing


On one hand it is the philosophy of our action. On the other hand, it is also a tool approach. We build Internet and offline content hubs. We are SEO friendly.

We know that you do not build a house on borrowed land, so we attract the audience from the best sources and build it around our customers. We attract them, cure them and engage them. Thanks to a good and authentic story.

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Selected current and recent clients

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Projects carried out together with our clients win prizes


Together we win awards and distinctions in various competitions. Polish and international. We have achieved dozens of joint successes in such competitions as EFFIE Awards, Sabre Awards, Golden Paper Clips, PRGN Awards, Benefactor of the Year, Reliable Employer, CSR Policy Leaf, Cult Cosmetic and many, many others. 

About us
About us

Thanks to PRGN our clients have a global reach


Clients communicating in many countries can benefit from our network of more than 50 agencies located around the world. Together we have access to the knowledge of more than 1000 consultants, strategists, creative, event marketers, analysts and social scientists working for more than 2000 other clients in more than 40 industries.
Clients treat our agency as an international hub or as an agency conducting marketing communication in Poland.

We are a member of industry organisations